Sussex Wolves

Fan of the Month award
Welcome to our new section, which is dedicated to who we think deserves the "Brighton Wolves Fan of the month" award. This month's winner is Bob Mullen from Stourbridge AKA Whispy Wolf. Congratulations Whispy.

Whispy was first discovered in Waterford, Ireland on the Pre-season tour of 2001, and has been a welcome friend of the Brighton Wolves ever since. He carried out a animated survey in the pub after the Wolves v Waterford game, to discover not one of the 30 fans in the pub lived in Wolverhampton itself (including himself).

He was once spotted 15 minutes before kickoff in Wycombe, walking away from the ground, looking for one of the famous stripper pubs.

What other fans have said about him.....

"I saw he had a full pint in front of him, so I thought it safe to offer him a drink. F*ck me, he downed it in one, and asked for another"....Will H.

"A great Wolves fan, although don't ask him if he wants to go for a Chinese !!!"....Chris D.

"This bloke follows the Wolves everywhere"....Richard L.

"Bob Mullen ? Didn't he play for Preston a couple of seasons ago"....Barry B.

"He keeps looking at my pappers !!!"......Andrea L.

Seriously though Bob, you do us proud with your loyal support for the Wolves. A pint of Banks's is coming your way at the next match we see you. The pint will be awarded and bought by our Treasurer, Chris D.